International Joint Laboratory LMI-ELDORADO

Developing prevention/response strategies against the emergence of zoonoses requires reconciling environmental protection, socio-economic activities, and epidemiological surveillance.


Participating countries:
France, México, Haití, Guatemala, United States

Benjamin Roche and

Gerardo Suzán

Duration: 2000-2025

Founded in 2020, LMI-ELDORADO proposes an innovative and integrated research strategy through three objectives:

Objective 1

Improving our knowledge of the links between ecosystems alteration, human behavior, and the risk of zoonotic disease emergence.

Objective 2

Developing innovative and sustainable strategies for prevention and response to zoonotic epidemics that combine human health, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable socio-economic management (One Health approach).

Objective 3

Building a national, regional, and international reference center around these themes through constant dialogue with all stakeholders (health authorities, civil society, international organizations, etc.)

International expansion

The LMI-ELDORADO aims to create a center of excellence in Latin America around One Health approaches. This laboratory therefore collaborates with partner countries surrounding Mexico, such as Haiti with the participation of the University of Quisqueya and Guatemala with the Wildlife Conservation Society. These countries participate in the ELDORADO’s scientific council and the LMI is involved in co-supervising Haitian and Guatemalan students on the various research themes developed within the laboratory.